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See what’s new

In this example we highlight new features in our latest release.

Basic example

See how we built a commonly used TinyMCE instance.

Full featured example

Every TinyMCE plugin in action.

Case Change

Change the case of text.

Comments 2.0 Demo

Tiny Comments provides the ability to add comments to the content and collaborate with other users for content editing.

Checklist plugin

Add checklists to the content.

Page Embed plugin

Easily inserts iframe into the content. (Available post TinyMCE 5.0 GA)

Permanent Pen plugin

Apply formats while typing (Available post TinyMCE 5.0 GA)

Format Painter

Quickly apply formats to multiple pieces of text.

Tiny Drive

Tiny Drive

Distraction-free editor example

Distraction-free editor.

Inline editor example

See how inline editor works.

Classic editor example

Configure TinyMCE classic editor.

Image tools example

See how image tools works.

Custom formats example

See how easy it is to add custom styles to the Formats menu.

HTML5 formats example

HTML5, visualblocks and content_css features on display.

URL conversion example

Examples of absolute, relative urls and urls with no conversion.

Valid elements example

Explore how valid_elements cleans up raw HTML output.

Custom toolbar button

Add a custom button to the toolbar.

Custom toolbar menu button

Add a custom menu button to the toolbar.

Custom toolbar split button

Add a custom menu button to the toolbar.

Custom menu item

Add simple menu items to a new custom menu.

Basic local file picker

This example shows how to add a local file picker to the Image dialog.

Local upload

This example demonstrates the local file upload feature.

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