Format Painter

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The Format Painter plugin allows a user to copy and paste formatting from one location to another, such as font style and size.

The format painter retains the formatting after application making it possible to apply the same formatting multiple times by using the Ctrl+Alt+V keyboard shortcut.

The ability to reuse existing formatting saves the user time and ensures consistency across the content.

Getting started

Creating an account

To try out Format Painter and Tiny Cloud-delivered editor, the first step is to create a free Tiny account.

The free user account provisioned with a free 30-day trial of all Tiny premium plugins, with no credit card information or commitment required.

Buy TinyMCE Format Painter

Start with this dedicated product page to see all the flexible pricing options. OEM and enterprise customers should contact sales directly.

For more information on Format Painter refer to the full documentation.

There is also a demo provided to explore the Format Painter capabilities here.