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the_category( string $separator = '',  string $parents = '',  int $post_id = false )

Display category list for a post in either HTML list or custom format.




Separator between the categories. By default, the links are placed in an unordered list. An empty string will result in the default behavior.

Default value: ”


How to display the parents.

Default value: ”


Post ID to retrieve categories.

Default value: false


File: wp-includes/category-template.php

function the_category( $separator = '', $parents = '', $post_id = false ) {
	echo get_the_category_list( $separator, $parents, $post_id );


Version 描述
0.71 Introduced.



  • wp-includes/category-template.php:

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    Contributed by Codex

    Separated by Space
    List categories with a space as the separator.

    <?php the_category( ' ' ); ?>
  2. Separated by Comma
    Displays links to categories, each category separated by a comma (if more than one).

    <?php the_category( ', ' ); ?>

    Separated by Arrow
    Displays links to categories with an arrow (>) separating the categories. Note: Take care when using this, since some viewers may interpret a category following a > as a subcategory of the one preceding it.

    <?php the_category( '&gt; ' ); ?>

    Separated by a Bullet
    Displays links to categories with a bullet (•) separating the categories.

    <?php the_category( '&bull;' ); ?>

     ▪ ‘multiple’ – Display separate links to parent and child categories, exhibiting “parent/child” relationship. (Exhibiting the parents and child with links pointing for both)
     ▪ ‘single’ – Display link to child category only, with link text exhibiting “parent/child” relationship. (Exhibiting the parents and child but the link points only to the child category)




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