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wp_category_checklist( int $post_id,  int $descendants_and_self,  array $selected_cats = false,  array $popular_cats = false,  object $walker = null,  bool $checked_ontop = true )

Output an unordered list of checkbox input elements labeled with category names.




Post to generate a categories checklist for. Default 0. $selected_cats must not be an array. Default 0.


ID of the category to output along with its descendants. Default 0.


List of categories to mark as checked.

Default value: false


List of categories to receive the "popular-category" class.

Default value: false


Walker object to use to build the output. Default is a Walker_Category_Checklist instance.

Default value: null


Whether to move checked items out of the hierarchy and to the top of the list.

Default value: true


File: wp-admin/includes/template.php

function wp_category_checklist( $post_id = 0, $descendants_and_self = 0, $selected_cats = false, $popular_cats = false, $walker = null, $checked_ontop = true ) {
	wp_terms_checklist( $post_id, array(
		'taxonomy' => 'category',
		'descendants_and_self' => $descendants_and_self,
		'selected_cats' => $selected_cats,
		'popular_cats' => $popular_cats,
		'walker' => $walker,
		'checked_ontop' => $checked_ontop
	) );


Version 描述
2.5.1 Introduced.



  • wp-admin/includes/template.php:

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  • wp-admin/includes/deprecated.php:

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    Contributed by Codex

    Basic Example

    Outputs a list of all categories:

  2. Output a the list of a certain category and its descendants

    wp_category_checklist( 0, $category_id = 22 );

    Mark all categories for a particular post as checked

    wp_category_checklist( $post_id = 45 );

    Specify an array of categories to preselect instead

    $selected_cats = array( 45, 33, 118 );
    wp_category_checklist( 0, 0, $selected_cats );

    To override which categories will be marked as popular

    $popular = array( 45, 33, 118 );
    wp_category_checklist( 0, 0, false, $popular );

    Specify a walker object to use

    $walker = new My_Walker_Category_Checklist();
    wp_category_checklist( 0, 0, false, false, $walker );

    List the checked categories before the rest

    $selected_cats = array( 45, 33, 118 );
    $checked_ontop = true;
    wp_category_checklist( 0, 0, $selected_cats, false, null, $checked_ontop );

    You may also use any of the parameters in combination, except for $post_id and $selected_cats, which should not be used together.


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