Linux-hald_addon_stor 这个进程是什么意思

Linux-hald_addon_stor 这个进程是什么意思

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top 的时候看到

2223 root      18   0 10252  420  400 S  0.3  0.0 254:42.20 hald-addon-stor  


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甜柠檬 2017-08-19 1 楼

帮你在GOOGLE搜索后发现:the underlying system can't provide HAL with asynchronous events
regarding change of device state (such as media insertion and removal),
it resorts to polling such device. That's what hald-addon-storage does:
every time media is inserted or removed or eject button is pressed, it
nudges the main HAL daemon. There is one hald-addon-storage instance per
device with "storage.media_check_enabled" = "true".