Codeigniter multilanguage route

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Hi all is there anyone can help me routing my app urls according to $_SESSION param?

which is the best way to switch lang routes?

what about use many route files? (i mean route_ch.php,route_en.php,route_sp.php,)

is there any link to understand how to route according to site lang?

thanks guys

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划一舟意中人 2022-08-25 14:54:16 1 楼

You need to extend your view Controller with a session check of selected language. Then you can redirect() the user accordingly.

create a controller i.e LangSwitch.php

class LangSwitch extends CI_Controller
    public function __construct() {

    function switchLanguage($language = "") {
        $language = ($language != "") ? $language : "en";
        $this->session->set_userdata('site_lang', $language);

Links to switch each of the available languages:

<a href='<?php echo $base_url; ?>langswitch/switchLanguage/en'>English</a>

<a href='<?php echo $base_url; ?>langswitch/switchLanguage/fr'>French</a>

Defines/create a hook class[LanguageLoader.php] under application/hooks directory with the necessary information to execute it.

class LanguageLoader
    function initialize() {
        $ci =& get_instance();

        $site_lang = $ci->session->userdata('site_lang');
        if ($site_lang) {
        } else {

This is just a running idea that worked for me well. I hope it is useful to you too.

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