Can there be any difference between Clean+Rebuild and Clean+Build

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I've got a msbuild task in cruiseControl which first Clearn and then Rebuild. Can there be any difference if I change it as Clean and Build (rather than rebuild) ?

Rebuild does "Clean + Build" for each project. "Clean + Build" in the solution will clean all the projects and then build each of them. Can there be some corner cases that can make differences?

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失去的东西太少 2022-10-15 18:47:11 2 楼

Assuming the msbuild targets have not been modified to add extra functionality then:

Rebuild = Clean + Build
方觉久 2022-10-15 18:47:11 1 楼

Rebuild is a shortcut for doing Clean and then Build - so you should get the same results.

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