Android:在 ImageView(或任何其他位图兼容小部件)上绘制一个可移动且可调整大小的矩形并裁剪所选区域

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我想裁剪显示在 ImageView 上的图像。 我想要如何去做是我想要一个可调整大小的矩形显示在图像上。 该矩形将具有可移动的角(我可以通过触摸拖动角)以增加/减小其大小。 下图说明了我想开发的东西的演示。

PS 我不太确定如何表达我的问题。 我想要的是:。图片/

I want to crop my image which is being displayed on an ImageView. How I want to go about it is that I want a re-sizable rectangle to be displayed on the image. That rectangle will have moveable corners (which I can drag around with touch) to increase/decrease its size. The image below illustrates a demo of something I would like to develop.

P. S. I am not quite sure how to phrase my question.
What I want:

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水水月牙 2023-03-02 00:19:47


扩展 ImageView 以制作我自己的自定义视图。

@Override onDraw 方法并在该方法中进行我的自定义绘图。

在视图上实现 onTouchListener 以获取触摸事件并根据它们的位置进行处理。


我检查了触摸是否在我在覆盖的 onDraw 方法中绘制的可移动矩形周围绘制的锚点圆的半径内。



The final solution I came up with after ample research was:

Extend ImageView to make my own custom view.

@Override onDraw method and do my custom drawing there in that method.

Implement onTouchListener on the view to get the touch events and process them according to their position.

e. g.

I checked whether the touch was in the radius of the anchor point circle I drew around the movable rectangle that I was drawing in my overriden onDraw method.

I am sorry guys I don't have that piece of code anymore, I came here after a very long time otherwise would have loved to help you out.


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