Parameter missing a value

Parameter missing a value

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I am new to reporting services and have a reporting services 2005 report that I am working on to use as a base report template for our organization. I am trying to place the date that the report was last modified on the report server into the page header of the report. However, I keep getting a 'ParamX' parameter is missing a value error when I try to This is what I have done:

Set up a Parameter ReportName with a default value of Globals!ReportName. It is also hidden and internal.

Set up a Dataset ReportHeader that calls a stored procedure that returns the date the report was last updated or another date, if the report is not on the report server. It has a parameter @ReportName assigned to the Parameter!ReportName.Value. The Dataset returns values when run on the dataset tab in the BI tool.

Set up a Parameter ReportVersion that has a default value Query From based on the dataset ReportHeader and picking the ModDate column. It is the last parameter in the report parameters list.

I assign a textbox to the parameter.

When I preview, I get "The 'ReportVersion' parameter is missing a value whether I place it in the report body or page header (which is where I want it). I have deleted and added the parameter again, toyed with the hidden and internal settings on it.

What does this error really mean, what I am missing, and can I even do this with parameters?

Thanks In Advance


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If I understand what you're doing, it sounds like you want to be using a field where you're implementing a parameter...

You are returning the ModDate from the data source, correct? If you're doing this, you can simply throw a text box in there, and use something like this: =Fields!modDate.Value to display it.

Parameters are values that go in to the query, fields are what it returns.

Hope this helps...

EDIT:: OK so are you trying to retrieve the mod-date column value from the reportserver db? If that's what we're talking about, you'll need to add a few things to the report. Add a datasource to report db, a dataset containing the date (query below), a list object in the report linked to the dataset, and a textbox in said list object to display the field. If you hit the report server with a query like this:

SELECT MAX(ModifiedDate) AS ModDate FROM catalog WHERE name='myReportName'

That will return your modifieddate from the ReportSErvices Database as a field that you can use.