Internet Explorer ignores cookies on some domains (cannot read or set cookies)

Internet Explorer ignores cookies on some domains (cannot read or set cookies)

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I have a site, e.g., where users can set their own subdomains (one user - one subdomain) and upload their own scripts, e.g. would map to /www/somedomain/xyzzy.php

Now, on some of those domains, Internet Explorer 7 won't/can't accept cookies. Checked with Fiddler: the server sends Set-Cookie response correctly, yet the cookie never shows up in IE - for JS or Developer Tools. On request, IE7 doesn't send the Cookie header either.

The cookies are set for the user's domain (e.g., path is /, tried different expiration options (past, future, current, "0"), are not HttpOnly, are not secure.

FF, Opera, Safari and Chrome all work without problems.

Why does IE ignore the cookies?

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听你说爱我 2022-06-07 3 楼

The problem doesn't only apply for underscores in domain names, but also for domain names starting with a numeric digit. So 1aaaaaaa.tld is actually a non-standard domain name, which will cause IE to reject the cookie.

I solved it by using only www2.1aaaaaaa.tld, and then adding rewrite rules for the 1aaaaaaa.tld and www.1aaaaaaa.tld hosts in .htaccess. Don't know if that really qualifies as a standards-compliant solution.... but anyway, it seems to have solved the cookie problem.

Hope that helps someone!

为人所爱 2022-06-07 2 楼

According to RFC1035 (Domain names - implementation and specification):

[domain names] must start with a letter, end with a letter or digit, and have as interior characters only letters, digits, and hyphen.

Turns out some of the domains had an underscore ( "_" ) in them: Although this is a violation of the RFC, all other browsers work normally.

MSIE 7, on a domain with an underscore, silently drops all cookies for that host and refuses to accept new ones.

The only solution is to use RFC-compliant domains (I've replaced all the "_"s with "-"s and set up a RewriteRule so that traffic is redirected to the compliant domains).

弃爱 2022-06-07 1 楼

Does one of the subdomains use an underscore?
IE has problems accepting cookies from subdomains that don't follow the URI RFC.