Unable to use Checkjobs and Autocd in Bash 4

Unable to use Checkjobs and Autocd in Bash 4

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There are new options in Bash 4: checkjobs and autocd.
However, I did not find documentation for them at

man bash

I run unsuccessfully


I found the following in release notes

 There is a new `checkjobs` option that causes the shell to check for and
 report any running or stopped jobs at exit


There is a new `autocd` option that, when enabled, causes bash to attempt
to `cd` to a directory name that is supplied as the first word of a
simple command.

How can you use autocd and checkjobs?

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财迷小姐 2022-06-07 1 楼

autocd and checkjobs are not commands, but rather, they are options.

They can be set by using the shopt built-in.


shopt -s autocd


shopt -s checkjobs


shopt -s autocd checkjobs

to set both.