struts comes under which layer of three tier architecture in real time projects

struts comes under which layer of three tier architecture in real time projects

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Where do struts come under in three tier architecture in real time projects? Please I need explanation?

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一个人的夜不怕黑 2022-06-07 3 楼

Struts is an entire framework and isn't really going to only be one layer of the typical "three tier" architecture (presentation, application, and data storage).

Struts is going to provide you an MVC framework in Java land. You'll be able to better divide your presentation layer, application layer, and data persistance rather than mingle and mash them all together.

那请放手 2022-06-07 2 楼

Wrt the architecture of application projects struts is the framework which is generally used for the presentation layer with jsp and servlets being the technologies in the same. Coming to the service layer, EJB is the technology and Spring is the framework and in data access layer, JDBC and JPA are the technologies with Hibernate being the framework.

怀中猫帐中妖 2022-06-07 1 楼

what is three tire architechture?

In 3-tier, the application logic (or) process lives in the
middle-tier, it is separated from the data and the user
interface. 3-tier systems are more scalable, robust and
flexible. In addition, they can integrate data from
multiple sources. In the three tier architecture, a middle
tier was added between the user system interface client
environment and the database management server environment.
There are a variety of ways of implementing this middle
tier, such as transaction processing monitors, message
servers, or application servers. The middle tier can
perform queuing, application execution, and database
staging. For example, if the middle tier provides queuing,
the client can deliver its request to the middle layer and
disengage because the middle tier will access the data and
return the answer to the client
The most basic type of three tier architecture has a middle
layer consisting of Transaction Processing (TP) monitor
technology. The TP monitor technology is a type of message
queuing, transaction scheduling, and prioritization service
where the client connects to the TP monitor (middle tier)
instead of the database server. The transaction is accepted
by the monitor, which queues it and then takes
responsibility for managing it to completion, thus freeing
up the client.