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Sweet Alert 是一个替代传统的 JavaScript Alert 的漂亮提示效果。SweetAlert 自动居中对齐在页面中央,不管您使用的是台式电脑,手机或平板电脑看起来效果都很棒。另外提供了丰富的自定义配置选择,可以灵活控制。


Sweet Alert会自动在窗口的正中心弹出一个窗口,不管你是使用什么样的设备,包括电脑、手机和平板都能兼容,而且Sweet Alert拥有高度的可定制性,有很多参数可以配置。


你可以访问Sweet Alert的Github地址,然后下载Sweet Alert的源文件,然后将JS文件和CSS文件引入到你的网页中:

<script src="dist/sweetalert.min.js"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="dist/sweetalert.css">

在网页加载完成以后,调用Sweet Alert的函数,你可以在调用函数的时候配置一些参数,具体的参数列表见下面的可选参数:

  title: "Error!",
  text: "Here's my error message!",
  type: "error",
  confirmButtonText: "Cool"


在这里,您可以使用如果你传递一个对象到Sweet Alert钥匙:

参数 默认值 描述
title null (required) The title of the modal. It can either be added to the object under the key “title” or passed as the first parameter of the function.
text null A description for the modal. It can either be added to the object under the key “text” or passed as the second parameter of the function.
type null The type of the modal. SweetAlert comes with 4 built-in types which will show a corresponding icon animation: “warning“, “error“, “success” and “info”. You can also set it as “input” to get a prompt modal. It can either be put in the object under the key “type” or passed as the third parameter of the function.
allowEscapeKey true If set to true, the user can dismiss the modal by pressing the Escape key.
customClass null A custom CSS class for the modal. It can be added to the object under the key “customClass”.
allowOutsideClick false If set to true, the user can dismiss the modal by clicking outside it.
showCancelButton false If set to true, a “Cancel”-button will be shown, which the user can click on to dismiss the modal.
showConfirmButton true If set to false, the “OK/Confirm”-button will be hidden. Make sure you set a timer or set allowOutsideClick to true when using this, in order not to annoy the user.
confirmButtonText “OK” Use this to change the text on the “Confirm”-button. If showCancelButton is set as true, the confirm button will automatically show “Confirm” instead of “OK”.
confirmButtonColor “#AEDEF4” Use this to change the background color of the “Confirm”-button (must be a HEX value).
cancelButtonText “Cancel” Use this to change the text on the “Cancel”-button.
closeOnConfirm true Set to false if you want the modal to stay open even if the user presses the “Confirm”-button. This is especially useful if the function attached to the “Confirm”-button is another SweetAlert.
closeOnCancel true Same as closeOnConfirm, but for the cancel button.
imageUrl null Add a customized icon for the modal. Should contain a string with the path to the image.
imageSize “80×80” If imageUrl is set, you can specify imageSize to describes how big you want the icon to be in px. Pass in a string with two values separated by an “x”. The first value is the width, the second is the height.
timer null Auto close timer of the modal. Set in ms (milliseconds).
html false If set to true, will not escape title and text parameters. (Set to false if you’re worried about XSS attacks.)
animation true If set to false, the modal’s animation will be disabled. Possible (string) values : pop (default when animation set to true), slide-from-top, slide-from-bottom
inputType “text” Change the type of the input field when using type: “input” (this can be useful if you want users to type in their password for example).
inputPlaceholder null When using the input-type, you can specify a placeholder to help the user.
inputValue null Specify a default text value that you want your input to show when using type: “input”
showLoaderOnConfirm false Set to true to disable the buttons and show that something is loading.



函数名 示例 描述
setDefaults swal.setDefaults({ confirmButtonColor: ‘#0000’ }); If you end up using a lot of the same settings when calling SweetAlert, you can use setDefaults at the start of your program to set them once and for all!
close swal.close(); Close the currently open SweetAlert programatically.
showInputError swal.showInputError(“Invalid email!”); Show an error message after validating the input field, if the user’s data is bad
enableButtons, disableButtons swal.disableButtons(); Disable or enable the user to click on the cancel and confirm buttons.


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